Send us your meter readings

We're delighted that you have opted for a sustainable, local energy supplier! On this page you can find useful information about sending us your meter readings. Use the form below: it's quick and easy. If you have a smart meter we will receive the meter readings automatically. 

Reading your electricity meter

If you have a single electricity meter you need only fill in the first meter reading. If you have a double meter (normal/off-peak) you should fill in the first and second meter readings. If you have more than 2 electricity meters you should fill in all the readings.

Reading your gas meter

If you have two gas meters at the same address you should fill in both readings.

Meter readings

Electricity meter

Gas meter

Frequently asked Questions

  • How can I send in my meter readings?

    We will notify you when it is time to send us your meter readings. This can be done quickly and easily in several different ways:

    • Using the form on this page
    • By telephone on 088 105 11 22 (local call charges apply)
    • Or by email to

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  • What will happen if I fail to send in my meter readings?

    It is very important that we receive your meter readings in good time. If we do not receive the readings in good time we will estimate them. It is possible that you will then overpay.

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  • When should I send in my meter readings?

    We will ask you to send in meter readings in the following circumstances: when you transfer to us, if you change address and before you are sent your annual billing statement and final billing statement. If you have a smart meter you won't receive any of these messages. In that case your meter will be read automatically. We won't ask you to send in your readings if a new meter is installed or if our tariffs change.

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Send us a WhatsApp

If you have a question, send us a message via WhatsApp. You can reach us on business days from 8:30 till 17:00h. 

06 - 823 641 18

Ask our customer service

Do you prefer to ask one of our service employees about the meter readings? Please contact us and we will help you!  

088 - 105 11 22